$29 Laptops for DC-Area Youth

untitledPublish Date: 11/4/2016.   School work is increasingly performed on computers HP 6910pyet many youth do not have a computer at home and cannot afford to buy a new one.   For a limited time, the WTA is offering laptop computers for $29 to students from qualified low-resource families in the Washington DC metro area.  Parents: It must be primarily used for school work, and since it is being provided at far below market prices, it cannot be sold for at least one year.

The laptop provided through is program is used and has been refurbished.  This includes cleaning the computer, verifying full functionality to its original specifications, and reloading software including the operating system and suite of applications (spreadsheet, word processor, more) and utilities.

The hardware is free but the WTA charges a cost recovery fee to cover its costs for transportation, refurbishing, loading software, software licensing, delivery to schools and 30 day warranty coverage.

The need is tremendous but quantities are limited, so we frequently run out until new batches become available.   Upgrade options are available and schools must accumulate orders of 10 or more units before the WTA will deliver to your school.  Example  models available through this program are pictured here: Dell D630 and HP 6910p.  Both have Intel Core2Duo processors,  2GB RAM,  80GB Hard Drive and DVD drive.    For more information, email info@wildtech.org.

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