Refurbished Computers Provided to Needy Schools & Qualified Individuals

The WTA recognizes that many schools and students do not have access to affordable technology.  Thus, the WTA actively sources surplus technology from corporate, government and individual providers, scrubs the data, refurbishes it, and ships it to schools and low-income students in the USA and Sub-Saharan Africa. We accept computer donations from individuals and corporations worldwide.  If you are within 50 miles of Washington DC and have 10 or more computers to provide,  our team will pick them up, provide you a tax-deductible receipt, securely scrub any left-over data, refurbish it and provide it to needy schools and students.

  • If you are an individual or corporation looking to securely provide your surplus technology to low-income students and schools, email
  • If you are a school seeking low cost or free computers, email
  • If you are a student seeking a low-cost computer, we only work in partnernship with schools, so please have your school technology director email

Computer Refurbishing Training

As one of the oldest refurbishers of surplus technology, the WTA has the skills and experience to train teachers and student leaders to refurbish and support computers provided to their schools.  Often, this is the only way schools can afford technology at all.  Best of all, the WTA trains students to support the equipment, providing a low-cost support solution and work-based learning experience for youth.

  • The WTA can support your school and train your teachers to implement the Cisco IT Essentials (ITE) curriculum in your school, including the employer coveted Cisco Certification for youth that pass the final examination, as well as the optional A+ Certification.  ITE provides the skills needed to become a computer service technician, including the skills to refurbish and support computers.
  • For schools that do not want to implement Cisco Academy, or use a different curriculum, the WTA has a two-day computer refurbishing workshop, addressing all the skills needed to refurbish and support computers in your school.  This includes configuring the hardware, troubleshooting, loading software and software licensing.  The program also includes a session on addressing the legal issues, governance, and business planning in opening a school-based student–run technology company based on refurbishing and supporting computers (laptops, desktops, tablets and mobiles) for low-resource schools and individuals.

Finally, the WTA is a member of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program and can provide your school with extremely low-cost licenses for MS Windows, MS Office and more.  For more information, email

MS Authorized Refurbisher

Training Services for Low-Income Individuals for our Locations

The WTA provides free community access computer labs at its public locations.  In addition to free internet access, the following training programs are available free to qualified low-income participants.  Call the individual centers for details (see Contacts page):

– Introduction to Computers
– Microsoft Word & Excel
– Resume Write and Job Hunting using the Internet


Multimedia Training for Teachers and Student Leaders

The trainings below are designed to train teachers and their student-aids to jointly implement a semester-long project-based multimedia class in their schools.  Armed with these skills, youth are capable of operating a school-based student-run multimedia company from their school capable of producing multimedia products for paying customers in Digital Video Production, Web Design, and Desktop Publishing:

1998 Camp1
– 3-4 Day Wilderness-Based Multimedia Leadership Camp
– 2 Day Windows Movie Maker Training (Digital Video)
– 1 Day Audacity & Paint.Net Training (Digital Audio and Photo Editing)
– 1 Day Microsoft Publisher Training (Desktop Publishing)
– 1 Day Youth Technology Entrepreneurship Training
– The program also includes sessions on addressing the legal issues, governance, and business planning in opening a school-based student–run technology company based on producing real multimedia products for real customers.  For more information, email

Connecting USA Schools to Developing World Schools

The WTA is working with the White House and their “My Bother’s Keeper” STEM initiative to create international fair trade businesses consisting of youth in USA schools and youth in African schools.  It will initially involve USA schools importing and selling African crafts, as well as exporting surplus USA technology to African schools to help them bridge the vast Digital-Divide in their education system.  Together, they gain work-based learning experience, international trade experience, and the resources to self-sustain and grow.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.  for more information, email